sound art

  • Talking with Dolphins

    An attempt to recreate the human voice using field recordings. A rather labour intensive project where I recorded seven interviews and replaced every phoneme in each one with an equivalent sound taken from recordings I made of animals and objects, such as a blackbird and a creaky floorboard. Seven separate environments were then mixed to …

  • Protuberances in Woodland

    Speech manipulation through field recordings

  • Protuberances while Cleaning

    Speech manipulation through field recordings  

  • A12 Bridge

    Traffic gets into every recording, like sand into a camera lens

  • City Airport

    Aeroplanes are the scourge of field recording. So I decided; if you can’t beat them, record them.

  • gRivy

    A graphic score for Rihanna’s ‘You da One’ slowed down by 3.5 times and re-arranged for the ensemble Distractfold.  

  • Homon(h)ym(n)s

    A play on words  

  • Reflections in Real Spaces

    Inspired by John Lely’s The Harmonics of Real Strings. A set of pops and clicks were played into the Hackney Round Chapel through a loudspeaker. Three microphones were spaced evenly within the chapel to record the resulting reflections and ambience simultaneously. A crossfade between these three recordings in post results in a slow movement toward …

  • Voids

    Samples, made from NASA Plasma Wave Antenna recordings of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, were edited and looped to mimic the rotation and orbits of these enigmatic planets. They were then played back and recorded in the Woolwich Foot Tunnel, in London, at distances representing their distance from the sun.