With 20 years of experience in audio post and music production and a strong foundation in classical music, forged during my youth (a cathedral chorister and orchestra leader in the National Children’s Wind Orchestra); sound and music have always enveloped my world.

I currently work as a general audio dogsbody. I’m ready to record, mix, produce or advise on any audio production you might dream up so do get in touch.

Alongside my freelance work, I write music for electronica band Yimino and I helped set up and run Ominim Records from 2007-2014

I like to experiment and I’m interested in finding new ways to present ideas with sound – I’m currently looking into the concept of a “sound portrait”, whilst I gather stories about local history.

I’m very keen on wildlife recording and I am happiest on a hill, listening to Skylarks. The recordings I gather form a large portion of the palette I use for my work.