Talking with Dolphins

An attempt to recreate the human voice using field recordings. A rather labour intensive project where I recorded seven interviews and replaced every phoneme in each one with an equivalent sound taken from recordings I made of animals and objects, such as a blackbird and a creaky floorboard. Seven separate environments were then mixed to …

Hyperreal Transmissions – Cultured Opinions: The Craftsman

  Ten years ago, Mr Stones produced a physical copy of what he was saying as he was saying it – he was collected for Speech Crime®. A hero of Social s-social and truly hateful filth. Correction: 90th Fivebruary, 1230 This episode has not been edited in any way to remove naughtiness and unspeakable speech.

City Airport

Aeroplanes are the scourge of field recording. So I decided; if you can’t beat them, record them.