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Cry Me A River

Music & Sound Design: Directed by Zean Holloway. A river tells a story, the story of the land and the people who loved, laughed, struggled, fought and crossed the river before us. This film is a journey through the chalk rivers of Britain.

Talking with Dolphins

An attempt to recreate the human voice using field recordings. A rather labour intensive project where I recorded seven interviews and replaced every phoneme in each one with an equivalent sound taken from recordings I made of animals and objects, such as a blackbird and a creaky floorboard. Seven separate environments were then mixed to …

Flowers for Jeju

Music & Sound Design: Note from the director Zena Holloway: They are part of a tradition that has been passed down from mother to daughter for a 1000 years. They are the Korean mermaids, or the haenyeo, of Jeju Island who venture into frigid depths of up to 20 meters without any breathing equipment, braving …

Yimino Early Tunes

Early Tunes is a collection of previously unreleased and live only Yimino tracks from a while back.   Early Tunes by Yimino